Friday at #sdcc taking it easy with the #outlander guys and a #teamfortress2 group! #comiccon #sandiego #bestie

Chillin in #hallh watching #Benedictcumberbatch #tommalcovich #craigferguson #sdcc in the #dreamworks panel

First full day of #sdcc lets do this! Already saw (and bought) a lot of cool stuff! #fandom #comiccon #cowboybebop #smaug #batman

#smaug  #cowboybebop  #batman  #fandom  #comiccon  #sdcc  
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Actually a short line for #hallh #sdcc this is amazing, I’ve never started waiting UNDER the tents #dreamworks panel next

Having fun at the #wacom booth #sdcc #chillinwithmybestie #sketch #dragon

Got my pro badge! #sdcc #professionals #movinonup

View from our hotel room! #sdcc #sandiego #comiccon #landscape


Dragon Age: Inquisition is coming out in under THREE MONTHS, and IDK about you but I need something to take my mind off it before I start climbing the walls, so let’s have a giveaway!!


I will pick SIX WINNERS, each of whom win a headshot style portrait (like these) of any of their Dragon Age Wardens, Hawkes or Inquisitors!


.       This is a giveaway to thank my followers, so only followers can win. If you decide to follow me for the giveaway, please read my About page first and note that this is not an art-only blog!

2.       Both likes and reblogs count as a single entry and you can enter as many times as you like, but please limit your reblogging to once a day to avoid pissing off your followers.

3.       The giveaway closes 6PM(ish) GMT on Thursday 31st July!

4.       As always, winners are chosen with a random number generator and I’ll message you if you’ve won, so make sure your ask box is open and/or you check your url tag.




getting ready for Comic Cooooon, if you’d like to follow my shenanigans remember I have an instagram @guemoza otherwise I’ll probably not be on tumblr quite so much for the next week!

If you’re going feel free to drop me a message and maybe we can meet up and exchange high fives!


i like how the people that read creepypasta on youtube all seem to sort of know each other and i like to think that if you start a creepypasta channel sometime after you upload your first video you’ll just see mrcreepypasta and the others come towards you from an alleyway in matching leather jackets snapping their fingers in unison